Ambient Scenting

The absence of a malodor does not mean that indoor air quality cannot be substantially improved. The introduction of a scent ambience into an interior space can be a powerful enhancer for indoor air quality as well as the visual themes, products and activities being conducted in the space.

Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of memory. Hoteliers, retailers and other businesses seeking to provide a positive experience that clients will recall and repeat should consider using scents to enhance indoor air quality. The use of a signature scent to extend the brand image is a favorite application of the sophisticated marketer.

Prolitec’s air treatment technology is setting the standard in large-scale Ambient Scenting with scent. State-of-the-art fragrance creation chemistry and Prolitec’s computer-controlled delivery systems combine to create and maintain a safe and attractive scent ambience in any space.

Prolitec’s ambience capability may also be used in conjunction with an Odor Remediation program.

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