Home Scenting

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Prolitec technology is also available for the home, under the Air/Q brand. Home consumers use the tabletop Air/Q-100 "Whole Room Air Freshener" for individual rooms, or the Air/Q-520 series "Whole House Air Freshener" to distribute Prolitec's most popular fragrances throughout the home via the HVAC system.

Here's what some home users have said about Air/Q:


"The Air Q has been a welcome addition to my home. I have 5 house cats and 2 dogs. Needless to say, the litter boxes can be an odor problem. I have tried sprays, which have a wonderful fragrance at first, but are not long lasting. Candles are nice, but with cats, candles aren’t practical or safe. The aroma sticks just don't do the job. So, I had hit the wall with trying to have a lovely fragrance in my home – until I ordered and tried my room-sized Air/Q. What a difference it has made! I use the Air/Q on the timed operation, and love it. At 5:00 in the A.M. the unit cycles on and I wake to a lovely fragrance.

The Air/Q is an unobtrusive unit, it is quiet, nice looking and very easy to operate. I like the non-skid feet – so far my 5 cats have not been able to move it from the shelf it is sitting on."


Marilyn M.
Hermitage, TN

"Air/Q solved an odor problem: it helped the smell in the house after a flood. I didn't want all the toxic fumes from bleach in the house, so I ordered the Clear Sky scent. It was just wonderful. It helped take the mustiness out of the air. Awesome product. Thanks, Air/Q."

Linda K.
Chicago, IL

Visit the Air/Q site to learn more about Prolitec's home products.